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13 TV Unit Furniture Designs to Elevate Your Living Room

The TV unit now forms a vital part of the interior decoration of almost every living room, just like any other item of furniture in the house. It is arguably the most visible item and maybe the first thing that guests notice in the living area. Today’s TV unit design comes in numerous styles and designs, from classical yet modern to slim and simple. Presently, there are various contemporary television cabinet designs, along with TV cabinet furniture, that are within reach in the markets; some of them are tailored to the preferences of the clients. This blog will highlight various TV unit furniture ideas for the living room and considerations one should make when purchasing TV unit furniture for their home.

1. Modern living room TV cabinets and units:

Ensure that your TV panel design fits with the modern furniture and classy upholstery. Modern TV unit looks are characterised by a simple design that gives a homely and charming feel. Hence, choose a TV wall unit with earthy features such as wooden panels, metals, or wood veneer to retain the modern look in your living room. Modern living room cabinets are also available in white TV unit wall-mounted form.

2. Low Shelf TV Unit Design for Living Room:

A low-rack television is a tv unit with storage capacity for additional things like DVDs, etc. Such a tv unit built-in is best suited where a large living room is not available. A sleek television unit design appears fine in the lounge as well as in the dormitory, and it opens space and enlarges a room. The low-lying TV unit shelves can serve many purposes, including having your bookstacks, a CD player, a DVD collection, or a small decorative piece placed in them.

3. Small living room TV unit designs:

Among the various living room furniture tv units, this particular television unit design works particularly well for urban areas or even several other similar cities where space is by far the biggest hindrance. This TV panel design, along with storage space, is both beautiful and useful, even in a small living room or bedroom. An additional TV unit construction fits slimmer TVs as well as those old bulkier types that eat enormous amounts of room space.

4. A design for Hall Corner TV:

The corner TV panel design also makes it into the list of some of the best TV unit designs, suitable for use by individuals with a small living room or less storage space for their TV set. Such a contemporary corner TV stand with amazing angled sides slides into the corner space, leaving the rest of the living area space uninterrupted. Such tv unit ideas are also the best way to utilise the corners for efficiency purposes.

5. Wooden Designed TV Unit in The Living Room:

The wooden style is evergreen. Classic wooden designs always remain trendy, while warm tones of wood are precisely what every TV unit requires in a traditional house. There are many wooden TV cabinet designs in various colours. Choose a teak, a sheesham, or a mango. Choosing a TV cabinet design for the living room according to the furnishings and the colour composition of the house is essential. Such  designs are also available in tv unit oak forms.  Tv unit oak and black gives a quite appealing look to the rooms. 

6. Tough Glass Living Room TV Unit Design:

Another very common design is a glass TV cabinet style, which is great for giving the living room a modern look. This is probably one of the most popular TV cabinet designs because they are extremely efficient in terms of their space utilisation concerning big houses. The TV panel design of this type is manufactured and often available in black colour glass since it matches the black TV sets. Such a TV unit black looks quite elegant and pretty when placed in any room. Some of these shelf designs come supported by a metallic outbound and are even customisable. Glass design also forms a major part of mirrored TV cabinet living room furniture.

7. Multi-purpose television cabinet/shelf-style television unit design:

Showing off your interior decor and still having a functional TV design can be achieved by using the open  shelves setup in your living room’s layout. A TV unit design such as this modern one will serve as an attractive-looking multipurpose TV cabinet with additional storage units. They come made-to-measure or made-to-order according to your particular taste. Alternatively, you could consider the use of shelves around the TV set for extra decorative items of varying sizes. 

8. On sleek TV panel design:

Another popular TV panel design for a family room/lounge is a sleek TV unit. However, this TV unit design type fits well regardless of the size of the room and takes up very little space. The latest trend is of those modern-built-in TV wall unit designs that are often used in buildings like apartments and flats. As apartments become smaller and smaller, sleek TV unit design becomes a great solution in spaces constrained by a lack of space.

9. PVC TV Unit Design:

We all have heard of PVC ceilings and PVC planters, but what about PVC TV panels? There are also PVC panel designs that are much more affordable than most of the TV panels that you get in the market.

10. Modern Floating TV Unit Design:

Another wonderful example of a good TV unit design for fitting it in a tiny house room. Why not opt for a modern floating television cabinet that does not take up space on the floor? Add a few accessories or decor items, and there you have it—your custom-designed TV cabinet. The brick wall provides this space with uniqueness.

11. The brick wall sleek TV unit design:

Having a classy and stylish TV Unit for your family room can give luxury and elegance to it. Catch the attention of every participant with an eye-catching wall. The use of a black design for the bricks will ensure that your house has the necessary modern and industrial ambience. The planters on each side complement this plan in style. White TV units also look beautiful when placed along brick wall designs.

12. A TV Unit designed in an arched manner using wooden cabinetry and panelling:

Think smart with an arch frame to layer your TV unit design and create a feeling of defined space. Consider erecting a wooden arch onto the wall with panels on each side. The simple oak furniture tv unit is a chic design which will give a new twist to the TV unit design. Wooden cabinetry painted with white provides a functional touch to the area. Additionally, one could design open shelving on the sides to showcase their decoration items and give the style of this arch TV unit. 

13. Unique thin and slender white TV unit:

Whenever it is about having good interior designs, then minimalism beats the game. While installing your TV unit design, do not overdo it. Choose a sleek wooden tv unit white

with cabinetry able to store all your TV accessories in several drawers creatively. Decorate it with fresh greens arranged in delicate white vases at each end. A white tv unit for the living room provides a chic and contemporary look to the whole room if that’s added with a floor lamp with a white finish on one side. After all, a white TV unit with lights looks undoubtedly beautiful. 


The latest TV unit furniture design has become a quick reference manual for these TV unit design ideas. Blenheim Bedrooms offers various styles of TV units and TV wall units in different shapes and sizes. One can select it according to the size of their bedroom or living room. Moreover, it also offers TV unit furniture price at the most affordable rates. Therefore, ensure you go through all the requirements carefully and purchase the most efficient TV unit design for your home.

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