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10 Best Office Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

It becomes quite essential to choose office furniture that is well governed by both costs and spaces. For this, any employer establishing a workspace has to consider the issue of finance as well as the available area during the process of ensuring comfort. Office furniture created with more functionality than space means nothing but comfort and pleasure. Office furniture should be in a form that does not strain the body and provides optimum comfort, and for that very reason, it is important to select slim and thin desks for small offices. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the best office furniture that is ideal for small spaces.

1. Rotating Desks:

One of the best desks for small spaces is a rotating desk. They have width and depth manageability according to a user’s preference. This is an added advantage, as they have additional room for extra work. A rotated desk, also acting as a small desk, is an optimal solution for a small office, and at the same time, it’s affordable without burning pockets.

2. Folding Desks:

In terms of both efficiency and saving some space, a folding desk could be a solution. This space saving desk has folding legs whose legs fold out when not in use. Its flats can either be closed or raised depending on one’s preference, making them quite convenient for use as home office desks. Although a folding desk has some advantages, its disadvantage is that when its legs always fold and open, they don’t have strength similar to stable straight legs. 

3. Small Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs vary in models but fit everyone as they fit a body type. There are many ergonomic chairs on the market that are also space-saving and good for your health. “ErgoChair Recline” and “ErgoChair Pro” are average-sized office chairs. A lightweight laptop with a mesh back and no cushions is perfect for such chairs. Additionally, it comes with foldable footrests to minimize the space covered in the small offices

4. Multi-Purpose Shelves:

Offices and small workspaces have no room for cabinets specifically designed for one function. Compact desks might not always serve the purpose of gathering together all the documents in one place. Hence, a multi-purpose shelf that provides vertical storage resulting in maximum storage for the minimum area is essential. They can also be used for storing items on shelves, even for decorating purposes.

5. Compact Computer Desks:

Compact computer desks are very handy and spacious for you to be comfortable working on. Compact computer desks are always available in different forms and they do not take up much space in the room. Most of these systems also contain accessories like drawers, built-in shelves, keyboard trays all to help save space while maximising functionality. The desks of these computers are small, hence portable. 

6. Floating Desk:

A floating desk is a narrow desk that has no legs, and therefore, the maximum load capacity limit makes it suitable for only light duty, or small home office. In addition, some of these floating desks have drawers as well as bottom shelves so as to add extra storage areas. Therefore they also serve as small desks with drawers. 

7. Filing Cabinet:

Office furniture is not only about the desk and chair in an office. This is what is referred to as the small pieces of furniture that constitute the bulk of work-space. The workspace is incomplete without cabinets where crucial papers and documents are kept. It is also possible to save space by sliding these spacious drawers that keep all the necessary stuff under the work desk.

8. Corner Desk:

Space is always crucial in a living room, an office, or any place within a house. Angular workstations, in addition, have more workspaces in contrast with ordinary tables or desks. A corner desk acts as the best home-office desk. A piece of such economical space furniture, for the office, is the right possession. Important features of a corner desk include overhead storage and shelving, recessed file cabinets, holes with data connections, and pull-out keyboard tray making it a small desk with storage.

9. Shelving and Storage:

Often when people are thinking about designing their home offices, one common mistake is a lack of proper storage space. In creating the ideal work from home office space, it is worth noting that you should include some shelve and storage. You can also have small bookshelves and desks with storage and shelving.

10. Office bookcase:

Additionally, if you ought to add a couple of decorative pieces like picture frames and vases, which will break up the books, magazines, and others on your shelf so as not to make it look messy, the office bookcase is the best option. You could also take a basket or a box each and add them to your office bookcase.


With Blenheim Bedrooms, buying furniture for your offices that fits in small spaces becomes quite simple. The elegant designs offered by them will not just enhance the beauty and elegance of the office but also make small rooms more spacious and lively. Therefore, switch to spacious furniture today to make your small workplaces look bigger.

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