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Top Sliding Wardrobe Ideas for Small Rooms, Apartments

Home and personal space has always been top priority of people, enriched with a perfect interior and designing for even a small space, sliding wardrobes has now become a priority for people, especially those loving the clean and fitted aesthetic look.  Sliding wardrobes have now gained a huge popularity among novice homeowners and residents.  Due to its size and fittings, the sliding wardrobes have become a must, ditching the old age close doors wardrobes.

The simple purpose of such wardrobes are ease of maintenance and simple living among people. 

Utilizing each space fully with multi-functionalities and elegant features, sliding wardrobes are a must thing one looks for when choosing their furniture. 

In this blog we will discuss and enlighten some of the best space saving sliding wardrobes for tiny rooms to make a simple and storable bedroom.

Here are some sliding wardrobe design ideas that you might find interesting:


1. Customizable sliding wardrobe designs:

After a tiring day or starting of your day, wardrobes are an essential part of your day-night plans. Having a customized sliding wardrobe, as per your plans and designs are something handy and needed for your rooms and apartments. Customizing the wardrobes can spruce up your bedroom while giving you the best of storage solutions. It is a modern and easy to use sliding wardrobe which is in trend, as well as fitted best small apartments, especially with great interiors.

2. Shoji-style sliding wardrobe:

Inspired by a Japanese architect, a Shoji style sliding wardrobe can be your ultimate choice without compromising with looks, as well as space. This traditional technique is widely popular, and features translucent paper screens that slide on tracks, maintaining your privacy.

3. Large Closet

 A combination of wood and white can create a sleek and modern look. The wood adds warmth and texture, while the white keeps the design fresh and contemporary.

4. Corner shelves

 If you have a compact space, consider adding corner shelves to your sliding wardrobe.  With such wardrobes, you can have a maximum storage space, ensuring that your design stay clean and uncluttered.

5. Bold Designs

 If you’re looking for a bold and stylish design, consider a sliding wardrobe with a red and brown finish. This color combination can add warmth and depth to your bedroom. This will give a texture to your room and space.


6. Mix it up with colors, patterns, and a study desk

You can add a pop of color and pattern to your sliding wardrobe design by incorporating a study desk. This can be a great way to create a functional and stylish workspace in your bedroom.

7. Transparent sliding wardrobe

A transparent sliding wardrobe can be a great way to display your clothes and accessories. It can also help you keep your wardrobe organized and tidy. The transparency factor will help you to remember the look, leading to a clean wardrobe, to complimenting your room and aesthetics of your small room or apartment, with solution to your spacing issues, with a sliding wardrobe.

8. Boho charm

With choices in wardrobes and color combinations, you can make a wardrobe selection like Boho Charm.  If you’re looking for a more bohemian-inspired design, consider a sliding wardrobe with a mix of patterns and textures, or simple attractive solid colors. You can add a vintage rug or tapestry to complete the look and make it handy as well as attractive in your space.


With Blenheim wardrobes, buying fitted furniture for your rooms becomes a hassle-free task. The elegant sliding wardrobe ideas offered by them will not just enhance the beauty and elegance of the room but also make small rooms more spacious and lively! Therefore, switch to space-saving fitted furniture for a more chic interior.

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