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Beautify Your Living Rooms with These Unique Furniture Ideas

What types of furniture will you use to make your living room more presentable? Of course, there is the standard sofa and coffee table option, but what about something unusual? All of us desire to have an exceptional or simply unique living room. However, living rooms would not be complete without couches, coffee tables, etc., but this does not mean they are the only ones worth considering for living room furniture units. While considering furniture for living rooms it is also important to keep in mind the colours. For example, white gloss living room furniture or cream living room furniture gives an extra appealing beauty to the room. Therefore, if you are fed up thinking about the other style sofa or cupboard that you may find on the next occasion for celebration, then this blog will be the right place. It aims to discuss some of the unique living room furniture that will surely enhance the beauty of your living room.

1. Living Room Sofa:

Sofas are one of the most integral parts of any living room. Be it any kind, sofas never fail to enhance the beauty of a living room. One can easily go further and claim that a sofa creates a living room. The heart of the living room is a sofa. It establishes the first impression of the film, sets the tone, and determines the atmosphere throughout the show. When it comes to planning your living room design, this should be your first thought. 

2. Coffee Table:

One cannot forget the living room’s coffee table among your sofas. As functional living room furniture, the coffee table offers a place for drinks, ashtrays, and magazines, not to mention coffee. While useful in itself, the coffee table is also a major decoration factor in the living room. Most of the time, the focus is not on color but rather on texture when it comes to coffee tables as compared to sofas.

3. Chair Side Table:

A side chair table is not the same as a side table. However, what’s the distinction that makes chair side tables different from normal side tables? A normal side table is square shaped and is placed either between sofas or serves as a “knot” for multi-seated configurations. While it sometimes works, it is usually not a good compliment for an armchair or a wing chair. Such a role is played by the chairside table. Much narrower and designed exclusively as an absolute arm’s length platform for one seater only. The extendable platform on this model is just one of those few extras and yet another feature for holding some extra drinks.

4. Accent Chair:

In most cases, there are three common choices for your living room furniture layout. These three basic options are a sofa, an armchair or wing chair, and a recliner. Furthermore, the three choices are usually embedded across two parameters: design and comfort. Although a sofa defines the basic design of a living room, it should not do so at the expense of too much comfort. A wing chair (or accent chair) does not function as well as an armchair;  it was developed more for design purposes. Accent chairs are gorgeous statement pieces that are designed to uplift the mood of the living space through the principles of accent color. Accent chairs mostly enhance the style of a living space.

5. Accent Cabinet:

To some extent, this includes deciding what material or texture palette you are going to give to your living room since this aspect is almost as fundamental as choosing colours when you ponder over a living room design. However, compared to colours, textures are less prominent, consequently challenging matches. Colour is defined as white, black, red, and blue; material aesthetics is made up of wicker, furl, and the various characteristics of wood, respectively. For example dark wood furniture living room and walnut wood furniture living room also are parts of accent cabinets. Apart from that, White living room furniture, grey living room furniture and black living room furniture constitute some of the important aspects of accent cabinets. 

6. Bookcase:

Bookcases can also be an option for book and magazine lovers, for sure. Many of them are diverse. Thus, an interesting bookcase translates into an interesting living room, while at the same time, the wide variety of diverse bookshelves provides the interior designer with a high level of versatility. Therefore, the next time you are considering what to do with that empty corner in your living room, consider going for a bookcase instead. Bookcases also add a touch of extra aesthetic appeal to the rooms. Bookcases are a great example of wooden living room furniture. Bookcases are made of oak tree to and therefore are considered as oak living room furniture.

7. Bench:

Needless to say, any list of furniture types for the living room must include the good old bench. The bench usually goes along with another person while on the bed and mostly at the end of it; however, it can also go with furniture setups outside the bedroom itself. At the same time, it serves as a design-oriented armchair or wing chair and offers more space for guest seating. The bench is more about design than function and comfort. Therefore, one should select beautiful benches that match the accent color of the living room, or they can simply be impressive, majestic, and appealing.

8. Storage Bench:

The other category in this regard is the storage bench. It is certainly a popular piece of furniture in the living room. While a storage bench can simply enhance the living room’s mood, it can equally serve as a place where you put your pillows and cushions.

9. Sectional sofas and loveseats:

For instance, if you have a big family or frequently host visitors, a sectional sofa may suit you. You may also opt for a power reclining sofa if you love new technology or have mobility issues. Small living rooms look great with loveseats, whereas sleeper sofas are amazing for those who do not have a place for having guests but still expect to entertain someone overnight now and then.

10. End Tables:

End tables are like coffee tables in that they have two functions; they are useful as well as decorative. For instance, it could place the pitchers on either side of a sofa, thereby adding some symmetry to the room and making it simpler for the guests to conveniently carry around drinks, books, cellular phones, or any other object they might prefer near them. Of course, one of the things that will need your attention is the table’s height when determining whether it suits your living room or not. It would be ideal if end tables were just shorter than an arm placed against the seat adjacent to them, another reason that people buy a sofa first and then the other living room pieces. You would be wise to have a tall side with the appropriate height for tspacee as this is not only aesthetically appealing but also allows one to rest their hands and grab whatever has been placed on the table with much ease.

11. TV Stands and Media Consoles:

While many people now prefer the former, TV stands and media consoles continue to be more effective means of keeping all electronic materials in one place. In particular, note that personal preferences will differ and thus should inform decisions when choosing a TV stand or media console. You may want to consider getting yourself a media console if you need lots of space to store TV sets and keep DVDs handy for viewing movies. However, when speaking of TV stands, they, in their turn, are more minimalistic and linear by their design and combine successfully with some other accessories such as the television itself, but also with a game console, cable box, or DVD player. However, ensure that your media console or TV stand matches your television’s size. If fitted TVs are made use of than it forms a part of fitted living room furniture.

12. Wall-Mounted Entertainment Center: 

These units have a sleek design, which makes them very thin and space-saving. They can be attached to a wall, giving it a clean and floating feel. They also come with open shelving and cable management, just for that simple design. Hence, a wall-mounted entertainment center can be a great addition to living room furniture.

13. Modular Entertainment Center:

The modular centres comprise several components which can be placed together to suit you. The solution is customised and made according to taste by mixing TV stands, bookcases, and storage systems. This adds a special beauty to the living rooms and also can be made use for various purposes. Mirrors are an integral part of the modular entertainment centres and therefore it forms a part of mirrored living room furniture.

14. Corner Entertainment Center: 

These units are designed to fit into the tight spaces left in the corner of your room and allow you to reserve space that can be used as your main living areas such as your watching and listening space. They normally have open shelving and hidden storage. Therefore, with the corner entertainment centres, one can make use of all the corners of the living room wisely.

15. Fireplace Entertainment Center: 

They are warm and entertaining, with incorporated electric or gas fireplaces. These are ideal choices as they give your room that cosy feeling despite accommodating your television set and other gadgets, which is exactly what should be placed at the centre stage. Fireplaces in the living rooms are quite aesthetic and look very beautiful when made use of, especially. It gives a rustic living room furniture look to the room. 


This is just a small list of furniture types that can be replaced with tons of alternatives in your living room. Blenheim Bedrooms offers such designs that go with the interior design of different living rooms. As per choice and convenience, one can modify the changes accordingly. After all, a room alone cannot enhance its beauty, but this is done solely by the objects placed in that room.

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