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Upgrade Your Office with 10 Stylish Office Wardrobes for Small Spaces

With the growing population in cities and towns, space has diminished drastically. Everything needs to be managed in the little available space. The same is true with the scenario of opening offices. Many people find it a big challenge to create good and decent-looking office wardrobes in their small offices and buildings. In offices, which are small in space, it does become a difficult task to manage the space. Hence, space-fitting furniture is a must in such cases. Office wardrobes are an essential part of office furniture, and in this blog, we will be discussing some office wardrobes in small spaces and also how to build an office wardrobe.

1. Wall-Mounted Wardrobe with Sliding Doors:

Home offices with wardrobes can be created with wall-mounted wardrobes. They take up less floor space and are suitable for compact offices. The floor space that is left out can be used for several other purposes. Moreover, slide doors are used to provide efficient use of space as well as modernize the interior design. Therefore, this can be regarded as an office wardrobe on a budget.

2. Custom Floating Shelves:

This can be considered when using hanging shelves placed above your workstation for easy accessibility of key items. Pick items that go well with your office colors. The custom floating shelves can be a good example of an office wardrobe cabinet.

3. Corner Office Wardrobe:

Try installing a custom corner wardrobe in the typically unused corners of your office, which is rarely done. To serve a range of storage requirements, the design may incorporate shelves, drawers, and other hanging spaces. Hence, several office wardrobe designs must be looked at before choosing a corner office wardrobe for your small office.

4. Under-Stair Office Wardrobe:

Turn the space under the stairs into a walk-in closet by building a cabinet and using it to store office wardrobe basics. Optimizing this space through customized shelves and drawers for office supplies and paperwork can be quite a good option in small offices. Moreover, this capsule wardrobe office idea can serve a great purpose by adding space to a room.

5. Built-In Office Alcove:

An alcove in a room can also sometimes become a very useful space. It can be turned into a built-in wardrobe inside an office. Make it adaptive to the dimensions with shelves that can be adjusted to suit different needs. Such office wardrobe ideas can be of great benefit to small offices.

6. Multipurpose Office Wardrobe:

Choose a versatile closet that includes a fold-up A workspace is a place of work that offers a space for storage, and hence it is quite useful. It can be used to store office wardrobe essentials.

7. Transitional Office Wardrobe:

A transitional wardrobe will provide a classy piece for dividing space between functional storage and a clean worktable. It enhances the beauty of the room and also makes the room look neat. These wardrobe office ideas are ideal for use in a pen-concept setting.

8. Fold-Down Desk with Wardrobe:

Instant workspace is provided by a fold-down desk incorporated into a wardrobe. With this small size, this office furniture wardrobe could be easily hidden from view while not in the office, keeping the work environment looking neat and clean.

9. Floating Office Wardrobe with Glass Doors: 

Wardrobes with floating doors in the glass create an illusion of space and airiness. Glass should also have frost applied to it so that it serves as a privacy barrier while at the same time letting in the light from nature. Such walk-in wardrobe office ideas increase the aesthetic appeal of the space as well. 

10. Modular Office Wardrobe System:

The modular system enables the tailoring of your wardrobe according to your changing storage requirements. This consists of adding or getting rid of some features like shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. This kind of office wardrobe closet is a great necessity for managing storage in small workplaces.


Including these wardrobe furniture ideas in your narrow office room will increase space and improve the entire look of the office. With Blenheim Bedrooms, choosing chic and comfortable furniture for your small office rooms becomes even more simple. Wardrobes are a notable piece of furniture in offices, and Blenheim Bedrooms offers many office wardrobe ideas that will not just suit your budget but will also provide aesthetic beauty to the workspace.

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